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30 - minute Consultation:

I can’t wait to get to know you! When we meet for your 30 minute consultation, it’s important for me to know about your struggles with weight loss, what gets in your way, and where you have failed in the past. This helps me to create a custom program that not only looks at the stats - weight, BMI and body fat – and current eating habits, but looks at the emotional roller coaster most of us experience when we try to lose weight. These frustrations are real, and my goal is to find a way to help you tackle them once and for all.

Weight loss for women
-weight gain and menopause – One of the symptoms of menopause is weight gain that creeps up slowly and then doesn’t want to budge. You’ve tried everything, right? My approach will make you feel like yourself again and not seem impossible to lose the weight. After working with me menopause won't seem so bad after all!

-weight gain/loss and pregnancy – We love our babies but we don’t like the extra 20 lbs they left behind – or we have that extra weight that the doctor has said is possibly a factor in getting pregnant. Either way, weight loss and babies is a thing – and I’ve worked with moms and mom-to-be to help them keep the weight off. My approach will be easy for you to take on while being a mom to a newborn. Let me show you how to eat right and fit in exercise while taking care of your baby. 

-hitting plateaus – Losing weight and getting stuck is no fun. You’re making great progress and feeling confident (and fitting into smaller sizes) and then you hit a plateau. And suddenly nothing works anymore. My approach will give your body the jumpstart it needs to get those last few stubborn pounds off!

-weight loss for men - Are you going all day without eating and then have one huge meal at night? Is eating throughout the day not your priority? My approach will make it easy for you get meals and snacks in during your busy day avoiding overeating at night.   
Weight Loss​​​​​​​
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Program for Athletes

-weight gain/body fat loss - Need to gain muscle and keep your body fat down? Or maintain your weight and focus on cutting body fat. By counting how many calories and macros (carbohydrates, protein and fat) you should consume daily will make this goal achievable. My approach will give you the energy you need and want, not only while playing your sport, but in your down time. It will also give you the ability to  perform at your peak.

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Sports Nutrition​​