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Stephanie Leonetti

People ask me why do I do what I do. I grew up dancing competively since I was 10 years old. Dancing was my sport. At times it was very rigorous on my body as I danced 5-6 days a week, hours at a time. For me to do this I knew I had to eat healthy and watch my weight to be successful at it.  After high school, I  was accepted into Mason Gross School of the Arts - Rutgers University for dance and ended up with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition. How did I make that switch? I wanted to do something that can make a difference in someone else's life. I saw how many people needed help in this area and I knew I had the skills and the opportunity to share my knowledge with them. And that is why I decided to make the switch and become a nutritionist. Someone who can help you lose and maintain your weight because I know if I can do it, I can help you do it too!

What makes me get up everyday is that I know that when you've reached your first goal, your second goal and then your maintenance goal, your life is on a path to becoming a healthy individual. And that makes me so happy because I know I've helped somebody else live a life that is going to make a difference for them and their families.​

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